Plug into PowerRail™ – modular and scalable EV charging

Solutions for Electric Fleets

The Merge team helps fleet managers evaluate, plan, design, install, and operate an electric fleet. We guide customers through each phase of the journey like charging, vehicle acquisition, and more with the following suite of solutions for fleet electrification.


What will your EV charging operation need in 5 years? The same thing it needs today: flexibility. PowerRail™ is a modular, scalable, portable, and above-ground solution that requires minimal construction compared to industry standards. Key features include:

  • Lower upfront costs and faster deployment timelines
  • Smart power sharing and electricity distribution reduces energy demand by up to 50-70%
  • Flexibility to changes in real estate, vehicles, and technology
  • Lower carbon intensity by using recycled materials instead of concrete

Reduce expenses and mitigate risks by leaving behind the complexities of trench digging, conduit installation, and utility-related delays. You'll be charging in days, not months.



Execute your electrification goals without taking on the logistical and financial risks. Our EV subscription package seamlessly implements battery-powered cars into your regular operations with:

  • Your choice of vehicle from a variety of sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks
  • Charging infrastructure at residential and/or workplace locations
  • Access to public DC fast-charging networks
  • Ongoing data monitoring and analysis to track avoided emissions and fuel savings

Fleet managers and stakeholders can efficiently achieve their electrification goals by eliminating residual value risk, deploying turnkey infrastructure, and capturing operational and charging data through this flexible and scalable plan.

Plus, we’ll handle registration, maintenance, telematics, charging, electricity reimbursement, employee training, and driver support.

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Looking for an in-depth exploration of your telematics data and potential for electrification? Merge’s EV360™ solution gives you a comprehensive analysis to help you make great decisions.

  • We analyze a representative period of your telematics data
  • The analysis includes existing fleet records, mileage/fuel usage, seasonal trends, and other critical metrics
  • Merge breaks down economics, emissions, energy needs, charging feasibility by VIN to inform vehicle and charging procurement planning
  • By rolling up vehicle results by facility, we can project aggregated charging needs to inform utility upgrade planning

Our EV360™ solution captures the true lifecycle, seasonality, and utilization of your vehicles so you can be confident where and how to fit EVs into your fleet strategy.

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Charging Services

Electric vehicle charging should be simple and streamlined. Merge Electric Fleet Solutions will take care of site design and layout, installation, reimbursement, and reporting, so you can focus on what you do best – operating your business and keeping your customers happy.

  • Maximize driver productivity with overnight
    charging at home
  • Minimize capital costs with modular charging
    options for office or depot locations
  • Choose the services that best fit with your
    operations and goals
  • Merge will own, operate, monitor, and maintain
    charging equipment on your behalf

Our flexible options include charging at home and at the office, and access to public fast charging stations, that can be scaled to fit your team’s needs.

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EV Employer Program

Give your employees the chance to explore the next evolution in transportation. This new benefit upgrade allows organizations and their team members to test or take home electric cars from the office for flexible time periods. Your employees will receive:

  • Access to a range of all-electric sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks
  • Free charging at local public DC fast-charging networks
  • Driver support and education included
  • Operational data reports revealing outcomes in reduced emissions and energy savings

Employers and human resource teams have the ability to showcase their sustainability goals all while retaining and attracting new talent. The unique incentive offer is customizable and has an expandable term. Fixed monthly costs include registration, maintenance, public charging access, and employee training.

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